Stewart FireHawk G4 Semi-rigid frame, 100″ Filmscreen


Semi-rigid frame, 100″ 16:9 image, Backlighting

FireHawk G4 is a flexible front projection screen surface engineered for use with today’s high-powered projection technology in applications
involving the presence of ambient light. Ambient light is the enemy of two-piece projection. Screens designed to reject ambient light can be
effective at furnishing an image in even the brightest of rooms, but the trade-off is the presence of unwanted artifacts such as color-shift, hotspotting,
and poor off-axis viewing.

• Material color: Grey
• Gain 1.1
• Half gain viewing angle: 35 degrees
• Washable
• Best in class uniformity
• Completely opaque material
• Reduced hot-spotting and virtual elimination of “speckle” effect
• Reduced color-shift in off-axis viewing

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